Samatha Srinivasa Rao



Smt. Panuganti Samatha Srinivasa Rao, a computer science engineer has been a top performer since her school days. Her academic brilliance and versatility made her push the horizons ever further to take up a variety of interests: gardening as a child to this date, educating tiny tots with love, nurturing the creativity in the youth through her invigorating lectures, and educating the teaching community to deliver high quality learning experiences.

She is the mantle of New Vistas; and to her credit, she has done: B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering, M.Sc in Environmental Science and Education. She attended many leadership training seminars, took part in a number of education related workshops that address the need for quality education and the know how to provide it through teacher training on a regular basis.

 As a young lady she aspired to take up administrative services and hence appeared for Group – I examination and faced the interview. But her true interest guided her elsewhere and now she is a full time teacher, teacher trainer to cater to the needs of young teachers who would deliver high quality learning experience within and outside a class room. She is an expert in handling and training social sciences teaching and pre primary education.

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