Mr.Panuganti vamsi mohan

Mr.Panuganti vamsi mohan

Director-Recruitment & Training

Mr. Panuganti Vamsi MohanRao, an ardent and professional educationalist with a rich experience in teaching, teacher recruitment, curriculum construction, and teacher training has won the hearts of many students and teachers across the world. His philosophy of teaching and education is that of firm discipline blended with affection for the students or trainees, though the discipline must not be enforced but inspired.

Supporting his philosophy, his skills and talents in teacher training are well grounded with a strong foundation and constant enrichment through; wide knowledge and a very rich practical training – received and provided. He has a variety of educational qualifications and practical training; B.Sc, with Mathematics, Physical Sciences, M.A in English Literature, B.Ed in Math, Physics and English and M.Phil in Teaching English Language.  A number of training programmes which he organized, participated, and facilitated to enrich the teaching learning experiences made him rise to hold a strong platform to train teachers that might open up many educational vistas professionally.

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